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The Book Challenge..

... are you up to it?

Book Challenge - Are you up to the challenge?
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The Book Challenge

Number One:

In your first post, introduce yourself and what you challenge youself to do, pick one of the below or issue yourself a new one
-> read 12 books in a year, one for each month
-> read 50 books in a year
-> read 100 books in a year

and/or give yourself a qualification for those books
-> pick a previous poster/member and read the books they have chosen
-> pick a book of a different genre each time
-> read new books
-> read books from a bestseller list that otherwise you would not have picked up

Alright, get the gist of it?

Number Two:

In each succeding post, in the subject line post which book it is of how many you plan to read. ie 3 of 25.

That's pretty much it on my part to inspire you, the rest is all up to you!

Questions? Just post an entry, or comment for help.